20. December 2018

SIA “AB Holding” became a co-owner of SIA "Cēsu gaļas kombināts”

In May of this year, SIA “AB Holding” became a co-owner of SIA "Cēsu gaļas kombināts”, a meat processing company in the city of Cēsis. The company's main activities are the slaughter, cutting, and mechanical separation of beef and lamb. SIA "Cēsu gaļas kombināts" has one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Latvia.

In November of this year, SIA “Rēzeknes gaļas kombināts” (which is co-owned by SIA “AB Holding”) completed the acquisition of a meat processing plant in Saldus. Up until recently, this plant manufactured meat products under the customer-favored “ardeks” brand. The “ardeks” brand is currently being restored and updated. In the near future, the plant will recommence its operations as a separate company.